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Anti-Fever Tuina

Herbal One Clinic’s Anti-fever Tuina Therapy is an enhanced version of the TCM Pediatric Massage focusing on clearing internal heat and relief fever for children, through a set of special massage strokes and manipulations on the specific acupoints and locations of the child’s body. Coupled with the use of Herbal One Clinic’s proprietary Anti-fever massage water made from numerous herbal ingredients consisting of antipyretic properties, the therapy is intended to relief fever quickly.
The unique massage manipulation applied in this therapy is slightly ‘forceful’ than normal, and may be a little ‘uncomfortable’ to some children, particularly those with high fever. However, this therapy is effective in expelling internal heat and restoring body balance, thereby facilitate the child’s body to resolve the fever using its own defence system. The fever will normally subside in 1 to 2 days, with very minimal or no oral medication at all.


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