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Stomach Disorder Therapy

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Stomach Disorder Therapy

Herbal Stomach Rub is a therapy derived from the combination of Chinese Medicine Theory and Principle of Acupoints Massage, for treating children stomach disorders such as diarrhea, stomach flu, bloated stomach, baby colic, indigestion, vomiting etc.
The therapy consists of the application of Herbal One Clinic’s proprietary stomach ointment, produced from various kinds of aromatic natural herbs using the advanced Broken Cell Wall Extraction Technology, which make the ointment easily absorbable by the skin. Coupled with specific Acupoint Massage, the herbal medicinal ingredients are able to be released consistently and penetrate deeply into the body, so as to control the motility of the stomach and intestines, inhibit excessive activation of the bio-transmitters, improve gastrointestinal motion, reduce colonic movement, increase fluid absorption of the intestinal tract, eliminate intestinal cramps, regulate body immune system etc., all of which lead to the result of the bactericidal and anti-virus effect, to resist and treat stomach disorders such as diarrhea among others.
For patient who requires more intense treatment, BIOLIGHT™ PDT device may also be used in addition to the Acupoint Massage, to enhance the healing efficacy.


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