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We are very glad to have known and use the service of Herbal One Clinic Kids Wellness & TCM Clinic. Like it very much since don’t have to eat any medication for my son’s “prolonged” cough. See improvement in a day or two after the cough tuina and nose spa. Most importantly, the physician and staffs there, can see their passion in wanting to nurse the kids back to good health soon.

Carina Yeo Wei-Li
mother of Darren Bay, May 2014

The nose spa at Herbal One Clinic has drastically improved my son blocked nose and cough. The treatment is relatively reasonable with the duration of treatment. I am also receiving the nose spa treatment to improve my sinus condition and now is much better after 4 treatment. I have also recommended many of my friends to bring their baby down for the treatment. Well done! Keep it up.

Kathy Lim Suat Khim
mother of Danmien Lim, May 2014

So thankful. This week my girl was down with fever on Monday. We went for fever massage on Monday noon, fever subsided by night. Returned for cough massage on Tuesday, Wednesday cough was bad but we took the wait and see approach and by Thurs, cough was 80% down. Running nose which came on Tues also down by 70%. Previous times we tried western medicine but after 2 weeks, child was still sicky. Grateful and thankful to know about Herbal One Clinic since my girl was a little baby. She’s also “trained” to sit well for the nosespa and massage which for an active child, a mission near impossible. Jiayou everyone there!

Another note: my almost 3yo girl never a need for Panadol or brufen since she was a baby all thanks to the fever massage at Herbal One Clinic.

Jasmine Py Lee
mother of Ng En Ya, April 2014

The nose spa and tuina at herbal basic is really effective. Every time my son going for the treatment and the next day he is getting better.

Tin Fong Chin
February 2014

After every session of Nose Spa at Herbal Basic, my son is able to get better quality sleep. And he has cut down on his reliance on western medication especially anti-biotics. The clinic staffs are very friendly and attentive to the needs of my son.

Seah Nam Chang
father of Ryan Seah, January 2014

My daughter likes the nose spa & pediatric tui na at Herbal One Clinic. It helps to relieve her blocked nose without the need for oral medication & it is a natural therapy with no side effects. Helps her to sleep better at night too.

Vanessa Koh
mother of Kristy Tang, January 2014

I regularly bring my daughter to Herbal One Clinic for the nose spa and Chinese Tuina as she was suffering from rhinitis before, after a period of the treatment her condition improve a lot! In addition the senseh and staff here are very friendly and the environment is clean.

Caroline Choong
mother of Choong Nga Kay, January 2014

We like Herbal Basic Clinic because it’s:

  • 1) Effective
  • 2) Affordable price
  • 3) Warm environment
  • 4) Awesome service
  • 5) No use of oral medicine which affects kids in the long run!
Saraswathy Vijay
mother of Janavi, January 2014

After the Nose Spa treatment at Herbal Basic, 1. My gal can sleep better 2. breathe better, 3. concentrate well in class. It's more effective than the western nose spray.

Pearlyn Yeo
mother of Gracie Kwan, January 2014
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