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Baby Cupping

Baby Cupping is a breakthrough innovation, combining two time-tested techniques, TCM Cupping (Ba Guan) and Scrapping (Gua Sha), which are commonly known for its effectiveness in enhancing the ‘Qi’ and blood circulation, reducing dampness and relieving body heat, etc.

This patented product is developed through the collaboration between our R&D team and Prof. Wang, Chairman of the Specialty Committee of Child Tuina of the WFCMS, and is specially designed with kids safety in mind, as the ‘cup’ is made from medical grade soft silicone that has been certified by FDA to be non-irritable to the delicate skin of the infants. Baby Cupping is unique due to its ease of use and effectiveness in multiple functions.

Our Baby Cupping therapy is able to produce excellent therapeutic effect through simple ‘press & twist’ method instead of using fire as in traditional cupping or devices to produce the suctions, and its Scrapping manipulation is much less painful compared to conventional Scrapping.

Coupled with the use of our proprietary medicated oil and ointment, our Baby Cupping is able to achieve fast and good treatment results in the various pediatric ailments, such as Fever, Tonsillitis, Cold, Cough, Constipation, Indigestion, etc.


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