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Fever Relief

Young children are more prone to falling sick and developing a fever since their immune system is still developing. Nothing pains a parent more than watching their child look lethargic and uncomfortable all day.

At Herbal One Clinic, we provide your child with an alternative form of treatment to oral medication.

Our Fever Relief massage focuses on clearing internal heat through a set of special massage strokes and manipulations on specific acupoints of the child’s body. This unique massage therapy is slightly more ‘forceful’ as compared to other pediatric massages, and may be a little ‘uncomfortable’ to some children, particularly those with high fever.

However, this therapy, coupled with the use of BabyCupping, helps to speedily expel internal heat and restore balance to the body. Fever will normally subside in 1 to 2 days, with very minimal to no usage of oral medication. This therapy is suitable for children 5 years old and younger.


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