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Infant Care

A newborn is protected by disease-fighting antibodies made in the mother’s immune system during pregnancy. As this immunity is only temporary and will start to decrease after the first few months, it is important to start building up a newborn’s immunity as soon as possible.

Parents often found that infants seem to get bigger after a long sleep. Well, it is actually true. Babies need to sleep more when going through a growth spurts. Sleeping well plays an important role in babies’ growth.

This therapy focuses on enhancing sleep quality and nutrient absorption, through improving respiratory system and digestive system, using pediatric massage and nosespa.

At Herbal One Clinic, we are confident to provide pediatric massage for infants as young as 1 day old. For every visit, our physician will check the baby to ensure that the massage to be administered will be appropriate and suitable for the baby’s constitution at that point in time.

Start now and give your child the BEST gift, which is healthy growth!

Breathe better;
Eat better;
Sleep better; via
Tuina (a.k.a. pediatric massage)

Our infant care therapy is suitable for babies under 12 months.


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