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Nasal Care

Nasal health is an important aspect that is usually neglected by many people. According to studies, 7 out of 10 children who fall sick are victims of respiratory related diseases.

Many consequences of poor nasal health is gradual and slowly piles up hence it is frequently dismissed as inconsequential and left to its own devices.

However, it directly affects (1) the quality of sleep due to the reduced oxygen intake and (2) the body’s efficiency in recovering itself, so the child will not get that refill needed for the next day. This slowly adds a deficit for to the body day after day until the body is unable to balance itself anymore and fall sick.

Our nasal care massage coupled with nosespa® therapy can cleanse the nasal passages and improve nasal health for a good night’s sleep and a stronger immune system. Choose to care for your child’s nasal health now for better breathing and a healthier growth.


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