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Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory disorders are most prevalent in young children. This is especially the case for childcare-goers as most respiratory illnesses are airborne and highly contagious. Common respiratory disorders include cough, cold and flu which are usually accompanied with phlegm and mucus. Although not fatal in most cases, these respiratory disorders can bring great discomforts to your child which may affect their sleep and daily activities.

At Herbal One Clinic, we have an array of treatments such as BIOLight ™ cough, anti-cough, anti-flu, anti-cold, rhinitis and nasal care to effectively relief specific respiratory disorder.

For example, our BIOLight ™ cough treatment includes pediatric massage with cough essential oil, follows by application of a layer of our proprietary herbal ointment and a type of cool LED light beam, which are non-invasive and will not cause any discomfort to young children, to channel the medicinal ingredients of the herbal ointment directly through the skin to the lungs to enable fast and effective treatment results.

It is effective in removing heat from the lungs, resolving phlegm, improving circulation, relieving bronchospasm and relieving cough. The BIOLight ™ cough therapy is required to be carried out for 3 to 5 consecutive days to enable the patient’s body to restore balance.


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