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Healing, the Natural Way!….. Herbal One Clinic (formerly known as Herbal-Basic), Singapore’s leading Nasal Care and Kids Wellness provider since 2003, is now a One-Stop Mother, Infant & Child Wellness Hub!

Our philosophy

At Herbal One, we believe prevention is better than cure and the best way to prevent a child from falling sick is no other than by strengthening the child’s immune system. We advocate building kids’ health through natural ways as excessive oral medications may weaken the child’s immune system.

How we do it?

We combine Research & Development and TCM knowledge together with our years of clinical experience in Pediatric care to develop our unique methods in treating various childhood ailments and keeping children in the pink of health.

About Us

Herbal One Clinic
(formerly known as Herbal-Basic TCM Clinic)

is a One-Stop centre for holistic, natural healthcare solutions for kids and mums/women, as well as a leading Nasal Care provider for Rhinitis issues for patients of all ages in Singapore. All our physicians are registered TCM practitioners and who converse in both Mandarin and English.

Pediatric Treatments

Pediatric Treatments & Kids’ Wellness Therapies

We provide pediatric treatments for respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders as well as wellness treatments to improve immunity, post-illness care, delayed growth and brain development.

Post-natal & Women Wellness Therapies

Post-natal & Women Wellness Therapies

We provide post-natal therapies and breastfeeding relief. We also provide women wellness therapies for gynecological issues such as menstrual issues, discharge issues, menopausal symptoms, as well as breast care therapies.


Our Innovation

Our specialty Treatments involve fusion of technoogy and traditional chinese medicinal theories and treatments to improve conditions like Rhinitis and Eye Fatigue.



We provide some useful tips and knowledge about Rhinitis issue, pediatric conditions, gynecological issues as well as post-natal issues from time to time so do follow us on Facebook and Instagram for constant feeds!

Our Services

Kids Wellness

Women Wellness

Pediatric Treatments

Specialty Treatments

Our Innovation

NoseSpa® Therapy

BIOLight Therapy

BabyLite Therapy
Baby Cupping